Wellfarm Meats

The Veterinary Gold Standard Of Herd Health, Humane Production, and Sustainable Agriculture

Wellfarm Meats is revolutionizing sustainable, ethical meat production with clinical guidance and veterinary insight

Ethical and sustainable meat production plays a crucial role in addressing various environmental, social, and ethical concerns associated with food systems. By adopting ethical practices, such as providing humane and medically-guided treatment to animals, we ensure that our actions align with our moral responsibilities. Our meat processing facility design will reduce stress during transport, lairage, and slaughter to maximize production animal welfare.

Sustainable meat production practices focus on reducing the ecological footprint of livestock farming including land use, water consumption, wastewater recycling, no-waste byproducts, and greenhouse gas emissions. Promoting ethical and sustainable meat production fosters transparency and accountability within the industry, empowering consumers to make informed choices about the food they consume. Ultimately, by prioritizing ethical and sustainable meat processing, we strive to create a more equitable, environmentally conscious, and compassionate food system for the present and future generations.

At Wellfarm Meats, our goal is to serve producers with the best veterinary and clinically-guided meat processing services available to ensure high-quality products, healthy production herds, and to maximize farm profitability.

Coming Soon: Wellfarm Meats’ first clinically-guided sustainable and ethical meat processing facility.

Chicken veterinary care, flock health services provided by Wellfarm Veterinary Consultants
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Wellfarm Meats Certification

The Veterinary Gold Standard Of Herd Health, Humane Production, and Sustainable Agriculture

Wellfarm’s Certification Process

Wellfarm stands for ethical and sustainable agriculture. We collaborate with farmers who raise livestock according to the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. To begin the Wellfarm Certification process, please email us at info@wellfarm.org. A Wellfarm veterinarian will visit your farm annually to affirm the freedoms of animal welfare are met and sustained.

  • Freedom From Hunger and Thirst
  • Freedom From Discomfort
  • Freedom From Pain, Injury, and Disease
  • Freedom to Express Normal and Natural Behavior
  • Freedom From Fear and Distress

Committed To Facilitating A Racially Equitable Local Food System

We recognize the current and historical systemic racism within the agricultural and food industries and systems in the United States. We recognize that the roots of racial exploitation in agriculture have directly led to continued obstacles and exclusion of people of color from participation in local food systems as both producers and consumers.

These disparities infiltrate all corners of the industry, from access to high quality food to land acquisition to equitable compensation for work accomplished. We believe that the responsibility to rectify this unacceptable reality lies with every local community member, individually and corporately.

We will seek to continually educate ourselves, our employees, and our community regarding the effects of systemic racism and each of our roles in pursuing racial justice, particularly within food systems and agriculture.

We will create an anti-racist culture within our company, ensuring each member of our team and by extension our whole community feels equally heard and valued. We will consistently review public and intra-company communications to ensure that our language and media reflect anti-racist values and support the pursuit of racial justice in all organizational operations.

We will pursue relationships with individuals and organizations that are led by, employ, and/or support producers and consumers of color. We will seek to partner with a diverse assemblage of farmers and help ensure equitable food access to a diverse group of consumers. We will regularly review the power structure and composition of our own company to ensure it reflects and fosters an anti-racist culture.