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Leading farm animal veterinary health professionals serving production, livestock, and hobby farms across Virginia and West Virginia

Wellfarm Veterinary Consultants

Wellfarm Veterinary Consultants provide an integrated and individualized approach to animal agriculture. We prioritize herd health and preventative medicine to minimize the incidence of disease and to maximize growth and profitability for each of our farms. Each client receives an individualized herd health plan tailored specifically to their farm’s goals. Our clients receive an accessible, proficient, and reliable veterinarian as members of our herd.

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Hannah Varnell, Wellfarm Veterinary Consultants

Hannah Varnell, D.V.M.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Varnell received a degree in economics from Stanford University, which she utilized in global health research and agricultural development in East Africa prior to attending North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine. At NC State she received a Certificate in Global Health by focusing on livestock health and global food security. After graduation, she completed an internship and residency at Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine in Production Management Medicine. She now lives in Roanoke, Virginia with her beagles, her husband, and her goat, Martian.

Wellfarm Co., Founder & CEO (2022–Present)

  • Founded a public benefit corporation that will build a meat-processing plant in southwest Virginia
  • Provides herd health veterinary consulting services to livestock producers in the region
  • Educates the public on animal agriculture, food production, and local farming

Production Management Medicine Resident, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (2020–2022)

  • Provided care for food animal patients in the field and in the hospital, including swine, poultry, small ruminant, bovine, and camelid patients admitted for emergency care or tertiary referral care, collaborating with specialty hospital services
  • Assisted in the instruction of senior and underclass veterinary students, including the structure and organization of pre-clinical laboratories for all veterinary students and real-time training on the farm during ambulatory services
  • Created and implemented herd health protocols for livestock herds throughout southwestern Virginia focusing on preventative medicine, epidemiology, and humane animal handling/transport

Member, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, American Association of Bovine Practitioners (2021–Present)

  • Specifically appointed to the subcommittee for interviewing and focus groups to advance the understanding of AABP on the diversity climate of the profession—producers, veterinarians, students, and the public
  • Routine virtual meetings to establish mission statements, survey questionnaires, and target groups
  • Yearly meetups at AABP conference to critically evaluate the success of the committee

Certified Humane Inspector, Various Locations, U.S. (2019–Present)

  • Travel to farms seeking Certified Humane labeling for meat or egg products and verify, via scientifically researched methods, the humane production of the animal for the consumer
  • Plan to continue inspections throughout career to help supply the consumer demand for humanely raised animal-sourced foods

International Veterinary Student Association, Working Group on Alumni (2016-Present)
Raleigh, NC; Zagreb, Croatia; Nairobi, Kenya; Quito, Ecuador

  • Previous student ambassador for NCSU CVM to the International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA) Global student organization charged with increasing student engagement in international veterinary medicine through internationally hosted symposiums
  • Currently active in the Working Group for Alumni, maintaining the IVSA network for practicing veterinary professionals, attending symposia and workshops to train veterinary students on humane handling of livestock, strategies for food security in animal agriculture, and preventative herd health medicine

Mobile Clinic Technician & Volunteer, NCSU CVM, Raleigh, NC (2016-2020)

  • Helped to organize emergency response for the college, consisting of planning for animal and owner sheltering during natural disasters, collaborating with government officials to ensure animal evacuation plans, and encoding standard operating procedures for the university
  • Shelter/rescue work included managing several feral cat colonies in areas of need throughout North Carolina with TNR programs and community education, and work providing physical exams for new shelter intake animals and spay/neuter as needed throughout the region, annually hosting community preventative medicine days with the Durham Police Department

Extern, United States Department of Agriculture (2019-2020)
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, North Carolina, Colorado, & Ecuador

  • Traveled with veterinary medical officers to slaughter plants, livestock auctions, feedlots, etc. for humane handling and food safety inspections to certify that producers uphold regulations for animal health and welfare
  • Created public-friendly information regarding disease outbreaks (i.e. African Swine Fever) and how to increase biosecurity to reduce the possibility of transmission, as well as worked to improve disaster-preparedness via regionally held training modules
  • Observed international veterinary services to see livestock rearing and veterinary medicine in trade countries; Ecuador

Student Ambassador to the OIE, NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Raleigh, NC (2018–2019)

  • Student ambassador for NCSU CVM to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) tasked with increasing university awareness of global animal health through disease detection and diagnosis, analysis, control, eradication, and animal welfare
  • Implemented the Rinderpest Challenge with CVM administration, laboratory researchers, teaching faculty and students to prepare for the next devastating livestock viral outbreak and campaigned for antimicrobial resistance (AMR) awareness through AMR communication toolkit distribution to key players
  • Created a university-wide Global Health Day; organized students from Public Health Club, IVSA, and the faculty Global Health Education Department to create a series of events highlighting the role of veterinarians in global health, to be put on annually

Stanford University
B.A. Economics

North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine
Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine

North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine
Certificate in Global Health

Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
Residency, Production Management Medicine

Dr. W Bruce Wren Food Animal Award, Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, VA Fall 2021 – Fall 2022

WVC 2019 Dr. Jack Walther Leadership Award, NCSU CVM, Raleigh, NC Fall 2018–Spring 2019

Varsity D1 NCAA Athlete, Cross Country, and Track and Field, Stanford University September 2009–January 2013

District Grant Scholar, Rotary International, Clare, South Africa June 2011–August 2012

  • Global Health Certificate, NCSU CVM, Raleigh, NC & Nairobi, Kenya (Fall 2016—Spring 2020)
  • Recover CPR: Basic Life Support, American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (04/11/2020—04/11/2022)
  • FAMACHA Certification, URI, Dept. Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Science (10/10/2020 – present)
  • Category II Veterinarian for the state of Virginia, USDA-APHIS (06/26/2020—06/26/2023)
  • Beef Quality Assurance Cow/Calf Certification (09/16/2020—09/16/2023)
  • Food Armor Accredited Veterinarian (05/31/2020 — present)

Wagner, Brooklyn K., Mary Caitlin Cramer, Heather N. Fowler, Hannah L. Varnell, Alia M. Dietsch, Kathryn L. Proudfoot, Jan Shearer, Maria Correa, and Monique D. Pairis-Garcia. “Determination of Dairy Cattle Euthanasia Criteria and Analysis of Barriers to Humane Euthanasia in the United States: The Veterinarian Perspective.” Animals 10, no. 6 (2020): 1051.

Wagner, Brooklyn K., Mary Caitlin Cramer, Heather N. Fowler, Hannah L. Varnell, Alia M. Dietsch, Kathryn L. Proudfoot, Jan Shearer, Maria Correa, and Monique D. Pairis-Garcia. “Determination of Dairy Cattle Euthanasia Criteria and Analysis of Barriers to Humane Euthanasia in the United States: Dairy Producer Surveys and Focus Groups.” Animals 10, no. 5 (2020): 770.

Brown, Lahra Harcourt, Silva Alonso, Johanna Lindahl, Hannah Varnell, Vivian Hoffmann, and Delia Grace. Regulatory compliance in the Kenyan dairy sector: Awareness and compliance among farmers and vendors. Intl Food Policy Res Inst, 2019.

Alonso, Silvia, Hannah Varnell, Rachel Keefe, Martin Wainaina, Kristina Roesel, and Delia Grace. “Is my milk safe? Quality and safety of the milk consumed in low-income households in Nairobi.” (2018).

Wellfarm Veterinary Consultants - Christina Ditmore

Christina Ditmore

Veterinary Technician

Wellfarm Veterinary Consultants
Veterinary Technician (2022-Present)

Southern Hills Animal Hospital
Veterinary Assistant (2022-Present)

Catawba Kennel
Kennel Attendant (2022-Present)

Jordan Lee Performance Horses
Farm Manager (Jan-March 2022)

R&D Specialstic, Downstream Processing (2021-2022)

Manufacturing Technician 2 (2019-2021)
Manufacturing Technician 1 (2017-2019)
Farm Operations Technician (2015-2017)

Penn Foster Veterinary Technician Associates Degree Program
Currently enrolled

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“We have been using Wellfarm Vets this year to take care of our goat herd on our small homestead. Dr. Varnell is very knowledgeable, is really good at communicating and responding, and has a great “bedside manner.” She is great at following up and has been very patient with us as we are newbies, and have only been farming for about 3 years. Dr. Varnell is the best large animal vet around, hands down!” – Chad

“Dr. Varnell is so knowledgeable and up-to-date about small ruminant medicine that it’s easy to put my trust in her to take care of our flock! She is always willing to do what is best for the animals she takes care of! We are so lucky to have her practicing in this area.” – Katie

“Very pleased with Dr. Varnell. She is thorough and knowledgeable when examining and explaining conclusions as to specific problems in my goat herd. I have confidence in a course of action she recommends in dealing with an issue. She is also very good at looking for things I did not think of myself.” – Paul

“Dr. V. is absolutely amazing!! She literally saved our wether’s life. She assured us that we had been doing everything we could for him. And her pricing was very reasonable for a weekend emergency house call. we have also used her for non-emergent situations, and she did an amazing job of teaching us what we needed to know as newer goat owners. I would highly recommend Wellfarm for anyone with livestock. You won’t find a better vet.” – Rebekah

“We had the pleasure having Dr. Hannah visit our farm to perform well visits and pregnancy checks for our goat herd this past year. As new goat owners we leaned heavily on her, she took the time to recommend holistic preventative treatments and was patient with our questions and concerns. Great with the animals, able to handle difficult and large stock.” – Sara

“So helpful with the care of our animals. Dr. V neutered our sweet Eichard and October and then was able to help with issues we had yesterday. Beyond thankful for her help and kind demeanor.” – Desiree

“Dr. Varnell is very professional, timely and honest. A true farm vet. Thank you!” – Daniel

“Hannah is super kind and extremely knowledgeable. I have really appreciated her help with my farm, especially my goats and dairy cow.” – Erin