Guidance for Small and Mid-Sized Farmers

As the demand for locally grown food continues to increase, small and midsize farmers are finding new opportunities across the country. These producers are able to take advantage of their size to be more innovative and responsive to consumer demands. They are also able to tap into local markets that are looking for fresh, quality food.

However, operating a small or midsize food operation can come with challenges. Producers must be able to access capital to finance their operations, manage risk, and find local markets for their products. They also need to be aware of land management and conservation practices to ensure that their operation is sustainable.

The good news is that there are many small and mid-sized farmer resources available. The USDA provides a number of programs and resources that can help producers with access to capital, land management, risk management, and marketing. There are also a number of educational resources available that can help producers learn about best practices in agriculture. By taking advantage of these resources, small and mid-sized farmers can find success in the ever-changing landscape of American agriculture. Click the link below to see the many small & mid-size farmer resources provided by the USDA.