USDA Animal Disease Information

The United States Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services (USDA-VS) understands the importance of animal health and is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of food that comes from our animal population. The USDA-VS works to prevent, control, and eliminate animal diseases; monitor animal health; promote animal productivity; and improve the marketability of animal products.

They implement a wide range of measures to promote animal well-being including:

  • Provide vaccines against animal contagious diseases.
  • Conduct research in animal health issues like parasites and bacterial infections.
  • Regulate animal medicine use in food-producing animals to help ensure public safety.
  • Issue technical publications for veterinarians on animal disease diagnostics and management practices.
  • Operate disease diagnostic laboratories throughout the country which quickly identify emerging animal diseases so that appropriate control measures can be taken quickly.

View more animal disease information related to conditions that APHIS is working to manage by clicking the link below to visit their website.